In early 2015, Lisa was devastatingly diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (also known as ALS or MND).  She sadly passed away in July 2017, with both myself and our son Zack by her side.  She fought so bravely for two and a half years as this horrendous disease robbed her of everything, including the ability to make the things she loved so much.  One of her wishes was that I continue what we had both started with Skeleton Heart and breathe life into our cute and creepy creations once again.


Lisa and I spoke often whilst she was ill about the art we had created together as Skeleton Heart.  We created life together and we created art and shared the deepest most vulnerable parts of our souls with each other in doing so.  It meant a lot to Lisa.  It meant a lot to both of us.


Skeleton Heart has laid dormant for what seems like an eternity now.  Lisa never wanted Skeleton Heart to die but my muse abandoned me the moment I knew Lisa's life and our life together was going to be cut so brutally short.


Art is great therapy though and our Skeleton Heart creations were always like therapy for Lisa and I.  Recent times have taken their toll in far too many ways and I have started to hear my muse calling to me again.  As was always the case with Skeleton Heart, she comes to me at night and I feel it is time to start our dance through the dark once more.


 Ant  x



WIP.  Working Title 'Darkest Part'




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